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A Simple Guide to Playing the Drum



Among the first music instruments, are the Drums. At least you have to like the beats and rhythm of the drums if you are interested in playing drums. Learning to play drums like a pro will, of course, take time and effort but the rewards are great, and also drumming is much fun. Drums are the heart of every band because they are the instruments that set the tone and pace of most songs played, which in my opinion is the reason that the drums are the coolest instrument in any band. This article will illustrate more on what you’ll need to know to get started at playing good music with the drum.

1. Equipment

You will need to have a standard five-piece drum kit. You will need to understand that professional drum kits have been built over time. Components are added as the drummer learns to use them or there is a particular need to incorporate them in their kit. You need to know some of the essential parts of the drum.

These components include tom-toms, snares, bass, drum, floor tom, cymbals, and also hi-hats. A set up of the stated equipment will give you plenty to work with as a beginner and will incorporate most of your drumming needs. You should note that all the parts have a different role in producing rhythms and beats. Bass sound is generated by the Bass drum or kick drum.

2. Drumsticks

drum sticksThey come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and lengths. Different drumming instruments use different sticks. So as a beginner you will need to acquaint yourself with the right drumming sticks for that particular drum kit. Stick sizes are denoted by a letter and a number combination. It is recommendable to use format 5A or 5B for a drum kit.

3. Drum lessons

You will need to learn drums. Private lessons can be an excellent way to get to play drums. One-on-one instruction can be a magnificent form of learning because you get to learn the basics and also get your questions answered although it can be very expensive. Nevertheless, you can also learn by weekly lessons. They can be very helpful in examining how far you have gone in the learning process since you get to evaluate you weekly progress.

Learn by watching DVDs

The other way of learning drums is by watching DVDs for instructions. There are numerous instructional drumming DVDs available that you can use as a beginner and also as you advance your drumming techniques. It will be so effective if you are a self-motivated type of person.

Another section you need to look at is online classes because it offers many benefits cutting through private lessons and DVDs. You only pay a monthly subscription for access to streaming the videos.

At the end, we can see that the drum is an exciting and fun instrument to learn. By getting knowledge on what you need to have to get started, you will eliminate any confusion, and that will help speed up the learning.

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