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Career options in the music field other than being a musician


music relative tags cloudIf you love music but you can’t become a musician for one reason or the other, there are many other careers in the music industry that you can pursue. There is so much that you can do when you love music. If you are truly a lover of music, you will still be satisfied when you do other things, other than being a musician. Here are the careers in the music industry that you should consider pursuing;

  1. Disc Jockey

You can have a career as a disc Jockey (DJ) if you think that you can entertain people by playing for them music that they like. Instead of playing music in your own house, you can have fun playing music for a large audience. Musical knowledge is very important for anyone who wants to be a disc Jockey. This job will really be great for you if you have the ability to impress other people by playing good music.

  1. Concert promoter

Singer and concertYou should be a keen business person to be successful as a concert promoter. When you take up this career path, you should be prepared to do everything related to organizing a concert. It will be your job to ensure that all the concerts that you are organizing are successful. You will be responsible for ticket sales and marketing. You will have to check the weather predication to ensure that the weather will be favorable on the day that the concert you are organizing is supposed to take place. When doing all these things, your eyes must always be on the bottom line.

  1. Composer/Arranger

This is a pretty good career path for you if you would love to create new music. The work of a composer is to create good music that is original. The work of an arranger is to analyze existing music and decide the instruments that are going to be used to play each part. These jobs require someone who has the ability to pay attention to details. Most composers also work as arrangers.

  1. Music critic/journalist

Beautiful girl enjoying music in parkA music critic or journalist is someone who follows musicians and the trend in the music industry and writes about them. This can be a nice job for you if you are journalistic in nature. If you like to follow the work done by artist, to interview them and to find out their thoughts about different issues, you will really love this job. To be a good music critic, you should have an eye for the little things that an average person cannot see when you look at the work done by musicians.

  1. Music librarian

A music librarian keeps a collection of musical recordings so that he can recommend them in future to film music directors and disk jockeys. This job can only be done well by people who love all genres of music. This is because for one to be able to have a comprehensive library, he/she has to sample all types of music available. Having knowledge of music is important for success in this career path.

  1. Recording/sound engineer

Musical backgroundThe recording/sound engineer is the king in the mixing room. He/she is responsible for ensuring that sound and technology merge in the best way possible. When you decide to take this career path, you will have to monitor all the editing equipment to ensure that the music being created sound good. Your work is to do everything you can to make sure that all music that you will be editing sounds as good as good as it is expected to sound.

  1. Music therapist

Music therapist use music to treat their patients. They use different techniques, from composing rhythms to singing to playing musical instrument just to ensure that their patients get better. To be a music therapist, you have tp understand the whole concept of using music for therapy. This is the only way that you will know exactly what to do treat people using music.

  1. Music teacher

Lovers of music can make money by becoming music teachers. You can instruct people of all ages to appreciate music and teach them how to play different musical instruments. A career as a music teacher will allow you to make others passionate of music just like you. To be a good music teacher, you have to take time to learn more about music.

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