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How to Market Your Music Career


music careerIf you want to reach far as a musician or a songwriter, it is imperative that you learn how to market yourself and your music. The possibilities opened up by the internet are only limited by your imagination. They allow you to experiment and let your creativity take you as far as you possibly can. So what is marketing? It is a way of creating awareness and generating fans for your music. This can be accomplished through a variety of different tactics as explained below.

1. Use Live music promotions

With everything shifting from analog to digital, it is highly likely for musicians to forget about the value of the person-to-person interaction. It is possible to record and release music just from your room, with their being all the necessary digital instruments. But going out and meeting people in live shows creates a personal connection which is imperative to growing your career. You can use gigs to promote newly released songs, tell your fans you will be performing at shows where they can come and watch you as you perform.

2. Use social media

Social media has changed the way companies and businesses market themselves. Using social media is the fastest and convenient way to get to your fans. As a musician, you can create fan pages and accounts on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, where you share your music and videos. Most celebrities have so many online followers, and you as a musician shouldn’t be left out. One way of ensuring you get many followers is by posting 80% funny, conversational and entertaining updates. The other 20% use it for your promoting your music. Your posts can also be promotional, but they should be interesting.

3. Music Blogs

Using blogs to market gives you a chance to reach out to new audience and convert them to your fans. There is always fresh and useful content on blogs hence the high traffic they get. Hence, if you can start a music blog that shares other content, then promote your music alongside the content, your music is guaranteed to be seen by people who like the genre. If you cannot start your own blog, do research and find blogs that cover your type of music. Discuss with the blog owners to have your music shared on their blogs.

4. Collaboration with other musicians

Other musicians who have already created a huge fan base can benefit you if you collaborate with them on a song. With this, you can make new fans. Just ensure you work with artists whose fans will like your music too, it can be in a similar genre or similar fan base

5. Create a YouTube channel

Having a YouTube channel is another easier way of reaching your fans. Most people get on YouTube to watch videos and listen to music. Ensure your channel is updated with the latest content so that it can be noticed.

6. Create a professional website

Having a website is another way to create a lasting online presence. When fans hear about you, they will probably search online for your site. Ensure your website is regularly updated to reflect new events in your career such as live shows, tickets to your coming events, etc.

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