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The Different Types of Music Available Around The World


music relative tags cloudThere are many different types of music that people around the world listen to. The mode of classification of different music types is referred to as “genre”. There is something unique about each type of musical genre. Here are the most popular types of music available around the world and the cultures they come from;

  1. Classical music

Most of the music that people listen to now is derived from classical music. Classical music was very popular several centuries ago. You can think of classical music as the music that is played by orchestras in auditoriums. There are several categories of music and this genre. The categories include Orchestra, Chamber music and Opera.

  1. Rock music

music label artThe oldest form of rock music was a mixture of rockabilly, country and R&B. Rock music started in the United States before spreading to other parts of the world. The main difference between rock music and other types of music is the fact that it is louder, faster and dangerous. Rock music can be classified into several subcategories. These subcategories are including Alternative Rock, Arena Rook, Art Rock, Metal and Glam Rock.

  1. Blues

It is believed that music categorized as blues came into existence in the 19th century. It was created by black slaves working in the cotton fields in America. Blues was born from African traditional music. Blues express intense emotions. This type of music had a profound effect in America and the whole world.

  1. Jazz

Jazz is another music genre that was born from African traditional music. It is believed that this type of music started at the end of the Civil War, when black people were finally free to seek employment and to travel. Jazz is classified into Ragtime, New Orleans Jazz, Bebop, Chicago Jazz, Cool Jazz, Scat Jazz and Smooth Jazz.

  1. Folk

Folk music is classified into two categories: folk revival and traditional folk. Folk songs are indigenous to a culture. Folk songs are considered to be anonymous. They do not have one credible artist. No one can claim to be the owner of a folk song.

  1. Countrymusic label theme

Country music started in the US in the 1920s. It is a combination of blues, folk songs and gospel. This genre of music became famous because of Jimmie Rodgers. He is considered to be the Father of Country Music.

  1. R&B

R&B stands for rhythm and blues. R& B refers to the vocal style of blues spread over many different rhythms. The term R&B was coined in the 1940s by Billboard reporter Jerry Wexler to describe music made by African American populace. Before then, any music made by the black people was referred to as “race music” or “black music”.

  1. Reggae

Reggae is an umbrella term used to describe Jamaican music. Reggae is also known as the music of the Rastafarian movement.

  1. Hip Hop

This type of music puts a huge emphasis on beats and base. Rapping is the predominant form of vocal art. Hip Hop music is considered to be a part of the Hip Hop culture.

There are many other types of music genres. Based on the past trends, there is no doubt that more genres of music will develop in future.

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