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What Is Music?


Musical backgroundMusic is popular form of art whose medium is silence and sound. Listening to music is one of the few activities that will make you use your whole brain. Music is intrinsic in all cultures and has many surprising benefits. Most people listen to music to enjoy the tunes without realizing that it is benefiting them in many ways. Here is how music has been used by people of different cultures for many centuries;

  1. Music for pain management

Music has been used for a long time in many cultures for pain relief. Music has a positive effect in the management of pain. Music can help to reduce the distress and sensation caused by pain. This explains why music therapy has become very popular today. People are turning to music to get a relief from chronic and postoperative pain. Some hospitals use music to reduce the pain that a mother feels when giving birth. Several theories have been put forward in attempt of explaining how music helps to reduce pain. Some theories suggest that music reduces pain by slowing down the heart rate and breathing. Other theories suggest that music triggers the release endorphins that counteract pain.

  1. Music for reducing the blood pressure

In some culture music is played to people suffering from high blood pressure. It is the relaxation effect of music that makes it an excellent tool for the reducing blood pressure in people suffering from high blood pressure. Some medical researchers encourage people to listen to music in the morning and in the evening or at least 30 minutes a day to reduce the probability of suffering from high blood pressure. The music that you should listen to for the purpose of maintaining normal blood pressure levels should not just be any music. It should be the type of music that relaxes you.

  1. Music for boosting immunity

Music can help to boost your immunity. Scientist say that there is a particular type of music that creates a positive feeling that leads to the production of hormones that boost the strength of the immune system. When you regularly listen to music that has a positive effect on your immune system, you will not easily become sick. Music also helps to reduce the levels of stress related hormones leading to an improved immunity response.

  1. Music for improving memory performance

The power of music on memory is intriguing, A beat pattern of 60 beats per minutes helps to activate the right and left parts of the brain. The simultaneous activation of the right and left side of the brain helps to maximize the process of learning and the retention of information. You will also be better at retaining information because music makes you better at processing information. It has also been observed that children who take music classes have a better memory than those who do not taken music classes. However, it is recommended that when you are using music for learning purposes, the vocal component should not be there. This is because the learner is likely to remember the words of the song rather than what he/she is supposed to be recalling.

  1. Music for the improvement of concentration and attention

In many cultures, music has been used for centuries to enhance concentrations. Easy music helps to improve the duration that people can pay attention to what they are required to do. People can concentrate on something for a longer time when music is playing on the background than they would concentrate when there is nothing playing in the background. It has never been clear which type of music helps to enhance concentration.

  1. Music for calming, relaxation and induction of sleep

Beautiful girl enjoying music in parkMusic has always provided an easy way to fight insomnia. Listening to relaxing music just before going to bed can help a lot to make you sleep well. Relaxing music can relive you from stress and help you relax so that you can have a good night sleep. Music also helps to induce sleep because it relaxes your muscles.

Although different cultures listen to different types of music, there is no denying that some effects of music are universal. Music has been an important part of people’s lives and will continue to be important for many more years to come.

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